The range of steering parts contains products, which are under the very toughest conditions, when fitted on the car. Driving in uneven terrain or  on poor roads stresses the suspension parts to such a degree that only the newest technology and the finest materials can pass our strict quality demands.

  • Ball joints
  • Tie rods / tie rod ends
  • Power steering pumps
  • Connecting links for stabilizers
  • Wishbones

An extensive range of various electrical parts for many different product groups all over the car. At a certain stage electrical parts will always fail and our range covers the need for having a full range in order always to fulfill the customers demand.

  • Electrical fuel pumps
  • Indicator and turn signal switches
  • Ignition and head lamp switches
  • Temperature switches / sensors
  • Relays
  • Brake light and oil pressure switches
  • Rotors and distributor caps
  • Ignition cable sets
  • Washer pumps/wiper motors front/rear
  • Electrical horns 6v/12v
  • Air flow meters
  • Voltage regulators and ignition coils
  • Electrical window lifters
  • Lambda sensors

Our mechanical spare parts group include parts such as:

  • Mechanical and electrical window lifters
  • Door and window winder handles
  • Mechanical fuel pumps
  • Clutch, accelerator and handbrake cables
  • Oil sumps and gaskets
  • Valve cover and head gaskets
  • Cylinder head and bolts
  • Pulleys for crankshafts
  • Fuel tank and oil filter caps

Rubber parts are often the most frequent product to be replaced once a vehicle take on some years. This is why we give extremely high focus to the quality controls of this particular product group. Especially high attention is given to the vulcanization of the rubber/metal parts.

  • Rubber mounts for wishbones
  • Strut bearings for shock absorbers
  • Intermediate flange air intake
  • Protection boots for steering gears/shock absorbers
  • Rubber mounts for rear axle beams
  • Connection links and rubber metal connections

A heavily expanding range within the field of cooling parts covering almost any part in that group. All parts are constructed to be conform to the original spare parts as they are to endure extreme heat in warm countries and handle with cold regions freezing weather conditions.

  • Radiators and heat exchangers
  • Water flanges / pipes / thermostats
  • Electric fans and fan wheels
  • Water pumps and oil pumps
  • Expansion tank and caps