For engine operation, air filters Bugus ensure perfectly clean air free of solids, dust and moisture. Being absolutely sealed, they are manufactured of specially impregnated corrugated paper as different contaminants, e.g. solids, soot, etc. are sucked in together with intake air: impurities entering the combustion chamber may influence considerably premature wear of the engine. They also damage electronic parts, e.g. sensors located between the intake area and combustion chamber as well as air flow meters. Application of top-quality air filters and timely replacement thereof result in 3-4% lower fuel consumption.

Cabin filters take care of driver and passenger environment: due to special structure of filters Bugus, they trap particles even as small as micron size. Results of the research have demonstrated that cabin air ventilation ensured by cabin filters Bugus is especially efficient throughout the service life (until the next replacement). The cities and towns we live in are contaminated and dusty, full of traffic particles, metal solids and air polluted by plants. Most of us spend considerable time in cars, therefore, demand for cabin filters has been increasing amazingly: replacement thereof is recommended each 10 000 km. Special care of cabin air shall be taken if you have small children.

Removing all impurities from the oil used for engine lubrication, oil filters ensure that only completely clean oil reaches the relevant engine parts, thus protecting the engine from premature wear: with increase in viscosity of contaminated oil, technical properties thereof are impaired, bearings and supports may also be damaged as contaminated oil fails to form the film required by them. Oil reduces friction in bearings and supports, cools and cleans the engine, and protects it against corrosion. Besides, fuel consumption is influenced. The line Bugus offers everything you need, i.e. from rotating filters to Eco filters (containing no metal). Pressure resistant housings of oil filters Bugus with protection against corrosion, durable filter material and sealing ring will certainly be appreciated by your engine.

Purpose of fuel filters is to remove any impurities from fuel, protect an injection system and carburettors against corrosion and contaminants, ensure engine service reliability: featuring great density and high quality, filters Bugus are insensitive to aggressive fuel types, thus acting as a perfect partner of your vehicle since this is the clean fuel that is the key condition for comfortable driving.

Extensive range available as

  • Air filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Oil filters
  • Cabin filters